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Christmas Gift Ideas for your Favorite Country Kid!

Country Lovin' Christmas Gift Ideas!

For your Favorite Little Buckaroos!

Get your little animal lover building their very own farm animals! Plus-Plus is the new construction toy that encourages open-ended, imaginative play, but also provides detailed instructions to creating your child’s favorite animals and characters such as the Horse, Duck, Pig, and Cow.

Plus-Plus Mini-Maker Tubes (70 pieces)
These 70-piece travel-friendly tubes are a screen-free boredom buster for the whole family. With two types of tubes, the possibilities are endless! The Mini Maker Tube comes with instructions on how to create a fun and unique 2D or 3D build! Or, let their imaginations run wild as they come up with their own creations.
Age Range: 5 years+
MSRP: $6.99-$7.99
Mini Maker Tubes: Additional animal characters include: Sloth, Llama, Yeti, Duck, Cow, Pig, Horse, Bald Eagle, Black Bear, Gray Wolf, Red Fox, Tiger, Elephant, Unicorn, Giraffe, Zebra, Dolphin, Clownfish, Sea Turtle, Jellyfish, Superhero, Mermaid, Knight, Robot, T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and Pteranodon
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This family-friendly board game is going straight from farm to tables across the country.MWyXZWfbqf0D4lyam1wXwM81LllsXhurrYakHftkM9uCbJHBqivTbwdctkSDIO7bZHgvYCdUgMMbs9IeejK5haozwKLUAdKhy1RYW82-cstpBl5Vs14GPOqw-M3akWkmxuL9uc51

Game creator (and custom guitar maker to country and rock legends), Brian Calhoun, joined forces with his farming buddy Dave Matthews to take his board game from farm (to tour bus) to tables across the country! Chickapig is a highly social and strategic board game where Chicken-Pig hybrids attempt to cross the board and reach their goals while dodging opponents, hay bales, and an ever-menacing pooping cow. Think chess meets checkers but with a ton more laughter!
Age range: 8+
MSRP: $29.99
Available online:

The World of Eric Carle Around the Farm Game Tin
For the littlest budding farmers comes the darling game where they have to reunite baby animals with their parents.

Based on Eric Carle’s best-selling book, players spend a fun-filled day Around the Farm helping baby animals find their way home. Player spin the spinner and search for baby animal cards that match their parent cards. Children learn the difference between baby and adult animals, and practice their memory skills as they turn over cards to find matches. The first player to bring all his or her babes home wins!
Age range: 3+
Available online: Amazon

PonyCycle  wSIzqsupUexYCI12TJjcbxLbeYEVgjVzXH9UqhR6JuxhT_6PW-pDhlCktElfDXYp--9-PQjVMvOb-8h3CaPldqvdvOVDxzYDBWO8PhaFo1BztCRRAPShZ8trsASwdQRoCUYQn7p5

The first mechanical and simulation ride on plush pony around the world! It encourages exercise to improve kids’ core strength, balance and coordination ability. And it makes kids transport into nature and feel the experience. It’s eco-friendly – no need for batteries or electrical power. Check this video out!
Animals: Classic N Series and 2018 Premium K Series: Zebra, Chocolate Brown Horse, Brown Horse, Unicorn
Sizes: Small size 3-5 years old kids; Medium size 4-9 years old kids
MSRP: starting at $219
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