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A Great Gift Idea for Mothers Day – The Kelvin 36: 36 Tools, 1 Gadget

A clever gift Mom will love this Mother's Day

A Great Gift Idea for Mothers Day – The Kelvin 36: 36 Tools, 1 Gadget

Whether you’re heading back to school, moving into your first apartment or doing DIY home improvements, the Kelvin 36 is a nifty gadget you will want to keep close by. A combination of innovation, creativity and convenience, this marvelous multi-use device will come in handy when you least expect it.

The Kelvin 36 encompasses the essentials such as a screwdriver, hammer, flashlight, level, measuring tape and more. Versatile and compact, this rugged and stylish multi-tool is small enough to fit in the back of your pocket, making portability simple.

  • Includes the most common everyday household tools such as bottle opener and corkscrew.
  • Keep it in your kitchen drawer, glove compartment, RV, beach house or condo.
  • Ideal for limited space areas, this all in one tool makes space management easy.
  • Lightweight but super tough, you can run over it with a car!

The Original Kelvin 23:
Known as “the Swiss Army knife of home décor,” Kelvin 23 is the original urban multi-tool. It has seen major success with over 300,000 sold in the last 5 years alone. Designed to take on the daily DIY fixes around the home, this world premier home gadget has 23 of the most commonly used tools packed into one simple and convenient device. It can fix hundreds of jobs easily, such as, hanging pictures, assembling flat pack furniture, putting up shelves and more. The Kelvin 23 has been featured in O by Oprah, Reader’s Digest, People magazine, The Today Show, Dragon’s Den and is sold in MOMA.

About Kelvin Tools:
Founder and inventor-preneur, Kevin Royes came up with the idea of Kelvin Tools while assembling furniture at his home. He wished there was a way to have all the tools he needed in the palm of his hand. An inventor of dozens of products for athletic snowboarding, he wasted no time coming up with a sleek and compact design for his first generation of Kelvin Tools. Later he went on the reality TV show, Dragon Den, where he was offered more than double his original offer! The exposure helped take KelvinTools to the next level, solidifying its success.
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