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A Pilgrim Thanksgiving

Country Line Magazine - A Pilgrim Thanksgiving

Hello friends,
Here we are – almost in November and the year has flown by again. A time to look back on how God has blessed us this year and prepare for a holiday season. I’ve already seen Christmas decorations in stores but before we get there it is important not to forget Thanksgiving.
These days there is no telling what you might be told or, in fact, what lies and revisionist history you might hear about that “first Thanksgiving” in 1621, but the truth is the truth whether you believe it or not. It still remains the truth. The truth is, the Pilgrims, as they have been called, because the term pilgrim at its core means “those going on a religious journey” or “pilgrimage” left Europe to come to the new world for religious freedom. They did not come to take over, rape, and pillage from the natives. They actually new very little of the land to which they were going except that it was a free land where they could start over and have religious freedom. Other than that, they had no agenda whatsoever. That is the truth. They were therefore ill-equipped to handle some of the hardships they would encounter after they arrived. The native people in the region helped them learn to adapt and they really did work together to make it through and survive. Yes, they owe it to the native people that they made it and then later thrived. They did not steal and take over. There have been times and places in history where the motives for coming to a new place were mercenary but this was not one of them. The problem with all the revisionist history on the subject is that it discounts the right, and the desire to have religious freedom, something that is dwindling in this country for Christians, and it causes racial hatred.  I choose to believe the truth. Not the lies I have heard in recent years and even read in the textbooks of our schools. I choose to believe the memoirs of those who were there that have been preserved but our schools refuse to teach them to our children, instead of the words from those who do not know or serve God and hate those of us who do. I choose to be THANKFUL for a God who loves us enough that he gave His son to die for our sins that we might be found righteous, not because of our actions, but that His righteousness might become ours. (Romans 5:12-19)
This season don’t let the haters make you hateful. Let the truth make you thankful.
Thanks for reading,
Jeff Gore