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Austin Aquarium Expands it Species

Austin Aquarium has expanded its animal species and encourages fans to visit them. Blacktip Sharks are a major addition as well as parakeets, ducks & axolotl.

Austin Aquarium has expanded its public offering this by adding new species. Alui Cleaver, Aquarium COO explained, “We are always improving what we offer in our exhibits for the public. People can come back often because there is always something new to experience.” Aquarium fans can now enjoy blacktip sharks, parakeets, ducks and axolotl. The new blacktips provide a menacing look you would expect from a shark. Our parakeets have enhanced the feedings we offer in our aviary as they fly in, showing their interest in fresh fruit juice. As for the ducks, this is not just your ordinary barnyard. Included are Blue Swedish, Black Swedish, Khaki Campbell, and Cayuga ducks. The axolotl is known as a “Mexican Walking Fish” and is an amphibian related to the salamander. This fascinating species doesn’t develop lungs, and remains a water species throughout its life.

Austin Aquarium guests can save money on all interactive experiences with discount tokens, $20 for 10 tokens, with additional savings online. Each token provides one animal feeding and can also be used for concessions. Memberships also offer savings for those that choose to come often. Visit the admissions page at for details.

Memberships are more valuable than ever before. For the remainder of 2015, annual memberships are 50% off and include exclusive member only access to recent expansions before the general public has full access. A membership to Austin Aquarium also includes membership access to Austin Aquarium. Visit the membership page at for details.


About Austin Aquarium:

Austin Aquarium, located at 13530 N. Hwy 183 provides children and families access to the
excitement and learning opportunities of the ocean. Exhibits include sea jellies, sea horses, Caiman crocodiles, rare and colorful corals, sharks, stingrays, and thousands of other species. In addition to marine life, guests can interact with tropical birds and friendly reptiles. Popular activities include Birthday Parties, Sleep with the Sharks, Private Events and Field Trips.