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Beach Songs and Coconut Milk

Beach Songs and Coconut Milk

Every band has a song about the beach and sand and coconuts, I won’t bore you with lyrics. I now understand why after a week at the beach in Cancun. Our first trip to the island and The Leblanc Spa Resort at La Riviera Maya was impeccable.

image6The Leblanc is an adult only spot where professionals and couples of all life brackets find a respite from the hustle and hassle of everyday life in the states. Yes they have wifi and cell reception and all your apps will work but it just seemed a lot easier to forget our phones, email and every other connecting point siting there in the sand.

Our one absolute beach travel standards was Costa’s Motu Sunglasses. There is a reason fishing guides around the world choose Costa. Glare, eye protection, comfort for long
days in the elements requires them. Credit card,
flip flops, suntan oil, Costas, easy gear list for the week.

The hotel offers help with some of the must do travelers activities like swimming with dolphins, Mayan Ruin tours, shopping and more. We did it all and I would say, you should do it all at least once, but we really loved just being at The Leblanc and the attention we received.

Our last night concluded with a private romantic dinner on the beach in our own personal cabana. Waves of food and a warm breeze off the rolling ocean waters was perfect as the sunset.

image5I have to admit I am not a huge fan of the beach, or at least I wasn’t. With Southwest Airlines flying nonstop from Austin, Texas and our newly found favorite resort LeBlanc I think my mind has changed. I’m in on the beach theme now, I get it.

“Got my Costa’s on my head coconut milk in my hand, The LeBlanc is good for me, yes this is good for me.” Just some lyrics I am working on, what do ya think?

Remember, be a traveler not a tourist. Godspeed.

TJ and Sandra Greaney are adventure and travel writers from Austin, Texas.