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Bruce Robison shares new single

Bruce Robison - Country Line Magazine

A Letter From The Bunker

August 19, 2015

New song from the front, we are surrounded by bro country and rap.  Not sure how long we can hold out. Supplies are running low. Only a guitar, wurlitzer piano, city bass, and drums remain. Fiddle player went AWOL after recording, just couldn’t take it anymore.

We had to sing and play it all ourselves – this song that folks like when we play it live.  We will fight to the death but I fear for morale.  We are down to five men and one woman.  SOS – Send more troops.

Yours As Ever,
Bruce Robison

Solo Shows

Bruce Robison & Kelly Willis are slowly untangling their careers after their last two co-released full length albums. Bruce will be taking the Honky Tonk Band on the road this fall while his wife has a couple shows in Louisiana. As they start to break out on their own, this reigning country duo keeps in mind that they’ll still be reuniting for the Annual Holiday Shindig later this year.