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Cory Morrow is Fighting The Good Fight

So the official press release on Amazon announcing Cory Morrow’s newest release reads as follows.

“After finding himself in 2010’s release of Brand New Me, Cory Morrow spent the next five years searching for the meaning of life. Becoming one with his wife brought them two boys before welcoming twin boys in the fall of 2014. Raising four boys the age of four and under is a heavy task on its own, much less trying to write for a forthcoming studio album. The trials and tribulations over the past few years have yielded fifteen all new songs for Cory’s eighth studio album. After calling on a few of his songwriting partners, Cory then reached out to long time friend and Producer Lloyd Maines to bring the project to life. Taking hints from songs of old and mixing them with a newfound light, 2015 brings you The Good Fight.”

Okay, I will go with all that, but I also know the back side. Cory has had a dramatic series of life altering encounters over the last handful of years. Some good, some not so good.

In my first interview with him 20 years ago, I asked Cory what was important as he sat on his new, red, powerful street bike. He wanted what all the young guns want: fame, money, women and mind-altering things. He didn’t say that to me exactly, but he was beginning a ride to the top of the Texas music industry that put all types of temptations and worldly things at his disposal. He drew huge crowds that knew every word to every song. It was big and fast and he indulged. It was the lifestyle he was expected to live out and he did. Hardships are part of living in that world and history always repeats itself.

This time, history was in Cory’s favor. A new life.

First, his wife. Behind every good man is an incredible woman. I am sure he will tell you she was a big part of why he is where he is today. The love and support of a wife can be a game changer and for Cory it was. A stable, steady, strong and loving woman creates a solid foundation from which to build.

The boys. Well how can you not have life change with four boys added to your core existence? Cory is head over heels with being a dad. He reads and studies and works hard to be a great dad. Yes, some things come naturally but kids can still be scary and engulfing. Boys, imagine two in a sword fight, a super hero launching off the coffee table and the fourth one tugging at your shirt sleeve. So is a healthy home with four boys; so is where Cory’s life is headed.

Now take all those feelings and story lines and put them to music. Most singer/songwriters will tell you their biggest work comes from an emotional up or down. For Cory, it may be the moment his son came up to him for the first time and said, “Daddy.” The lonely road away from his family. Having something (family) he would battle for, fight to keep and protect. Something that is bigger than money, a hit song or a fancy car. His heart’s desire to gather his family into the big bed and eat graham crackers or watch his wife sleeping peacefully. Those are what drives his artist heart at the deepest levels today.

On that day 20 years ago, I don’t think he would have imagined his life today. He has turned his life over to the hands of Jesus. His heart to share that with others is bursting at the opportunity and all it has encompassed to date in his life. He smiles when he talks about his boys. The light in his eyes when he talks about his wife. Things that are important and real that may have been in his heart, but not on his calendar. God chose the time.

Does he still have the fan base that stands sweating and chanting with longneck beers aloft? Yes, somewhat. Have some of them grown up with him and enjoy a more comfortable venue? Yes, I would be one of them. Has he lost traction in the fast paced Texas music scene? 87K followers on Facebook answers that.

“My 8yr old daughter loves Cory Morrow and goes to every concert she can. She knows all your songs. She’s very sad/mad that we are going friday to Jerry Nelson’s to see you and she can’t go”

“Amen brother !!!! Thank you for your wonderful posts, and your music. You are an inspiration !!!!”

What about the new record? I think it is as good as any he has offered, ever. I love the lead song and video, “Old With You.” Going back to his roots and producing with Lloyd Maines, perfect. That is who was sitting in the control room 20 years ago when I watched him pull together a series of songs that, to this day, are Texas music icons.

Cory is finding a new place in his life. This record is the marker he has placed to establish that in his music. I am excited for him and where God is taking him. The next few years will be a plethora of emotional choruses for this daddy of four. I look forward to hearing them played out in song. Good job old friend, good job.

TJ Greaney
Country Line Magazine