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Dove, Deer & Jesus Season!

I like dove hunting. Well, honestly, I like it when I hit a dove during dove hunting. Problem is I’m not a very good shot. But even better than the shooting I love the fellowship. Most of the guys I hunt with are average shooters so the joking around and shooting contest can be pretty funny.
Deer camp can be the same. I have been super frustrated in the past with shooting, I try to hunt with a bow most of the time. The fellowship around the campfire is what gets me going. I love the cooking, poking the flames, a cigar sometimes. It all seems so good, worries and concerns are far from my mind.

The thing I want to encourage you to do this year, if even just once, grab a kid to go with you. Bring one of your kids friends, bring a neighbor kid or a relatives kid. Give them a gift they will never forget. I have so many stories from the boys I have taken over the years. You need to be careful though, you might fall in love with sharing our heritage of hunting and fishing with the kids and want to do it again!

One thing I would ask. Make sure when your with them your intentional about asking them if they know Christ (Romans 10:9). You don’t want to beat them over the head but absolutely offer them a conversation, touch on it, pray before you hunt, after etc. They are watching you.

A FREE KOZ & CABELA’S GIFT: If you email Jan in the office we will send you a pair of camo survival bracelets from Cabela’s. Use them to share with a kid you take next time you go out. No cost here, just commit to taking a kid out.


Be safe in the field and on the water men. Thank you for being a man after the heart of Jesus.

TJ Greaney – Kids Outdoor Zone 512-292-1113