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Duck Dynasty Comes To Its End

Duck Dynasty - Last Call

After 5 years of unbelievable success, Duck Dynasty, one of the biggest TV reality shows ever, will be airing its final episode in early Spring of 2017.

 That’s right, Duck Dynasty is coming to an end. The news was given in the form of a video message from the entire family, after the premier of the new season.

However, something tells us that this will not be the last we will see of the Robertson family. We hear that the folks from A&E are already in talks with the family about a series of holiday specials to come in the near future. And individually, they all seam to have something going on between clothing lines, book writing, speaking engagements, Uncle Si’s tea,  not to mention their Duck Commander business. So while Duck Dynasty may be leaving the A&E airwaves, be on the lookout for where the family shows up next!

Sandra Greaney/CLM

Photo: Duck Dynasty Facebook Page