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Ethanol repair issues growing

The Outdoor Classroom 2016 | By Larry Leblanc

Ethanol repair issues growing

Most of you folks who are familiar with my column know that I have not been a fan of the US Government forcing the adding of corn liquor, also known in the past as white lighting and other assorted names, into the fuel we use in our internal combustion engines.  Like most Federal Government decelerations in the past 15 or 20 years their reasoning has proven to be based on huge lies and this time the lie is: “It will burn cleaner than unleaded gasoline and cause less exhaust emissions, and save oil.”  What it has turned out to be is a big cash cow for those who produce the stuff – Oh, it takes more energy to produce ethanol than it could ever save – and the corn farmers (to whom in the past was known as a Farm Subsidy) and undoubtedly for the congressmen who do not oppose it.


I suggest you contact our congressmen concerning ethanol but it has been my experience that I have received platitudes to any question I have asked Kevin Brady, my congressman, but in actuality he does nothing and just like the speaker of the house over the current Clinton debacle makes a lot of noise, but never does anything.  So let me give you some real facts about a big problem with boats and ethanol and the damage from E-10 and E-15 used in boats ranging in the six or seven figures in repairs!


Boat US Foundation brought some facts out recently from the Boating Industry Magazine Report labeled “Ethanol Repair Issues Growing” and specifically “It ruins their day, their boat, and their entire boating experience.”  I strongly encourage you to get go on line and Google “Ethanol Repair Issues Growing” and get your hands on the information because the safety of you and your family and your expensive investment in your boat are at stake.


This came out June 30, 2016 and states that when it comes to recreational boating and the Federal Renewable Fuel Standard’s requirement to put more corn ethanol into gasoline, those that see its negative consequences the most are the industry workers that build, maintain, store or sell boats.


A newly released survey by Boating Industry magazine points to ethanol as playing an even “bigger role” in service issues than it was just a year ago, with a remarkable 87 percent of the respondents to the survey reporting seeing boat engine damage caused by ethanol the magazine reported was up 73 percent in the same survey in April 2015.  BoatUS, a member of the Smarter Fuel Future coalition, hopes to share the survey’s findings to help change the broken federal ethanol mandate.


“Dealers, manufacturers and marinas are clearly very concerned about the increased use of ethanol,” stated the report “According to our readers, ethanol is playing an increasing role in causing engine damage and other repair issues.”


The survey, sent to a mix of readers from dealerships, marinas, engine and boat manufacturers around the country, was answered in April and May.  Most notably, many respondents raised concerns of misfueling at roadside gas stations.  The Boating Industry survey follows a Harris Poll study conducted for the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute earlier this year, with 64 percent of American adults reporting they weren’t sure or didn’t pay attention to the type of gas they used.


Continuing to make the connection between the Federal ethanol mandate and the negative consequences to recreational boat owners, survey respondents noted that while ethanol may be helping drive service department business, frequent issues run the risk of driving more people out of boating.  As one boat manufacturer said in survey, “Ethanol is a boom for the service departments.  Ethanol is a huge drag on our industry because it negatively affects the customers.  It makes them hate boating.  It ruins their day, their boat, and their entire boating experience.”

CLM Staff Writer: Larry J. LeBlanc © 2016