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Fern Lovers!

Ferns are actually one of the oldest groups of plants on Earth

A new book coming in January will be a must-have for anyone who loves ferns!

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The Complete Book of Ferns: Indoors • Outdoors • Growing • Crafting • History & Lore (January 14, 2020, Cool Springs Press) is filled with botanical information, indoor and outdoor growing and care information, details on propagation, display ideas, and even craft projects. This gorgeous book is authored by Mobee Weinstein, the Foreman of Gardeners at the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx and a veteran guest on the Martha Stewart Living TV show and other media outlets.

Houseplants are more popular than ever, and no category is hotter than ferns. The Complete Book of Ferns is a comprehensive reference that explores the 400 million year evolution of the species, fern botany, how to grow ferns both indoor and outdoor, and also features 70+ profiles. Every aspect of fern care is covered: potting/planting, watering, fertilizing, pest and disease control, and more. Readers will also explore creative planting projects such as moss baskets, tabletop gardens and more, as well as fern art and designs.