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Following the Way by Jeff Gore

The love, respect, and admiration for our own country is waning

Howdy friends,
The crowd had gathered and they were excited. It was the world championship ranch rodeo in Amarillo, Texas and ranch teams from all over the country had come to represent their ranches and regions to compete. Each team introduced one by one, they rode in carrying the flag of the states where they won to qualify to compete here. After all were introduced, the crowd cheered. Then the announcer began to introduce another rider with another flag. He began to talk about the sacrifice that had been made by hundreds of thousands of people over the last two hundred plus years to see that flag wave freely. How men and women are scattered all over the world fighting to preserve the freedom that flag represents, and how scores of countries across the world are fighting to gain those same freedoms and hundreds of thousands have come here and are still coming to live in the country that flag flies for.  The crowd stands, cheers, then prays to almighty God over the country that flag represents.
Unfortunately, this scene doesn’t play out very many places any more. The love, respect, and admiration for our own country is waning. There is a movement that says if you are a nationalist or a patriot, you are racist. This country is the only country on this planet that is accused of that and held to that scrutiny. This is not a political article but it is a call for us to return to our roots. Though we have been a flawed nation at times, it is undeniable that we have been blessed by our creator and we were established to protect and promote inalienable rights (rights given by God, not “allowed” or “provided” to us by benevolent humans) that all men have equally. Unfortunately, most of the world does not believe in God-given rights. That is why so many want to come here to live.
Luke 12:48 says (paraphrased) that to whom much is given, much will be required, and to those who are trusted with much, more will be asked. The facts are there! God has blessed us beyond what we deserve and so we are required to bless others accordingly. We have done that by educating, medicating, and feeding the world for generations and accepting immigrants from the world over. The only way for us to continue to do that is to maintain our ability to do that and we cannot if we give it all away or let those who do not believe that to come in and take over, changing it all. We CAN maintain what we have and be compassionate to those in need. But we have to remain a country that is governed by the rule of law. Laws our forefathers established based on The Word of God.
Thanks for reading,
Jeff Gore