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Get Ready for National Hamburger Day May 28 with a FREE Burger Offer

Austin Ranks #19 Most Burger-Loving U.S. City

Get Ready for National Hamburger Day May 28 with a FREE Burger Offer!

The hamburger is a classic staple of western culture. Historically, it’s most likely that the first hamburger sandwich first appeared in the 19th or early 20th centuries, but there is much controversy over its origin. Over the years, the hamburger has risen as a culinary icon in America. Burger joints, takeaway food outlets and all-night-eateries serve them up in their millions – with cheese, salad, pickles, bacon and sauces. Why not celebrate National Hamburger Day by making hamburgers your own way on May 28th?

To get the beef on America’s burger-eating habits, Postmates — America’s most popular universal delivery app—partnered with the data scientists at to rank cities across the U.S. based on overall preference for hamburgers over other foods. Here are the results!


#1: Seattle
#2: Philadelphia
#3: Boston
#4: Baltimore
#5: Miami
#6: Raleigh
#7: New York City
#8: Nashville
#9: Oklahoma City
#10: Sacramento
#11: Washington, D.C.
#12: Jersey City
#13: Orlando
#14: St. Louis
#15: Portland
#16: Los Angeles
#17: San Francisco
#18: Palm Springs
#19: Austin
#20: Pittsburgh
#21: Atlanta
#22: Houston
#23: San Diego
#24: Chicago
#25: Louisville
#26: Columbus
#27: Virginia Beach
#28: San Antonio
#29: Denver
#30: Las Vegas

View all the full results here.

To celebrate Austin’s 19th place ranking, and allow even more Austinites to enjoy this American classic on Sunday, Postmates is delivering free burgers to the first 10,000 Austin dwellers who download Postmates and order on May 28.

How to GET YOUR FREE BURGER on National Burger Day – Sunday May 28

1. Download the Postmates app by visiting:

2. Add any burger to your cart from your favorite local or chain restaurant

3. Use code BURGERLOVE to get your burger for free!

To learn more about National Hamburger Day visit: