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Hayes Carll New Album Release – ‘What It Is’

Coming to Austin, TX to celebrate

Hayes Carll’s new album What It Is, was released February 15. This album sets the tone of leaving the past where it belongs, and strengthening the present times we have. Carll displays his unique way to string words, and melodies together that get everyone tuned in. Hayes is coming to Austin, TX to celebrate this album release:

  • February 20 at The Saxon Pub
  • February 21 at The Continental Club
  • February 22 at 3TEN
  • February 23 at Antone’s

What It Is has a way of sending you into vivid illustrations while you dive into the melodies of Carll’s wit, and outstanding musical intellect. We’re so excited to share the news of this release with you all!

Check out Hayes and his new album HERE

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By: Megan Sluder