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Find yourself outside.

Hip Camp

Find yourself outside.

Search, discover and book everywhere you want to camp. Hipcamp’s mission is simple: get more people outside, connecting with nature.
We don’t think finding a campsite should be such a time-consuming, confusing process. With Hipcamp, now you can easily discover the nation’s public parks and campgrounds as well as book spots on ranches, farms, vineyards and land preserves. Camping on private land is an entirely new way to experience the outdoors called, “Land Sharing” and Hipcamp is at the forefront of the movement.
Hipcamp was born out of frustration for the fragmented, antiquated outdoor recreation system of the past; you used to have to go to one site to see photos, another site for reviews, another for state info, and yet another to book. Not anymore. On New Years Eve 2013, Hipcamp founder and CEO, Alyssa Ravasio, wanted to watch the first sunrise of the new year from a campsite by the ocean. It took her hours of painstaking research. Eventually she found a site, but upon arrival she discovered that it was also home to a beautiful surf spot, which was never mentioned in her hours of research. As a surfer, she was immensely disappointed. With that experience and the fact that 30% of CA State Parks (where she grew up camping) were slated for closure that year, she knew the system was broken. So with a passion to reconnect people with nature, she set out to fix it. Read the full story here.
• Over 60% of the United States is privately held and largely unused.
• By connecting landowners who want to keep their land undeveloped with responsible, ecologically minded campers, we can use recreation to fund the conservation of this land.
• Land sharing is an entirely new way to get outside
• Campers can escape the crowds, reconnect with nature and experience new cultures outside of the city.
• Time outdoors has been proven to reduce stress and unlock health benefits.
• Hipcamp connects people to experiences they will never forget, and it’s experiences, not things, that truly matter
• Driving force behind the Open Data for Open Land movement (backed by REI, Sierra Club, and The Outdoor Industry Association)
• Intuitive design, beautiful photos, engaging original content, self-listing booking software and calendar management for landowners
• Search and discover camping by location, amenities or activities
• Functionality to leave tips/reviews of parks, campers and landowners, as well as to upload photos of your favorite parks and campgrounds
• Create a profile to view your past and upcoming trips, your photos, tips and everything you’ve favorited on the site
• A community (our “tribe”) of 200k+ outdoor enthusiasts
• Journal featuring original content including guides such as “The Top 5 Hot Springs in Texas,” and “The Best Camping Cocktail Recipes.”