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Home of the “FATTIE” – Helen’s Casa Alde Restaurant

Home of the DELICIOUS “FATTIE” taco which is iconic to the heart of Buda, Texas – Helen’s Casa Alde Restaurant serving Buda since 1980.

Helen Alcala was 56 years old when she opened up Helen’s Casa Alde in Buda, Texas in 1980 when the population was under 2,000. Almost 39 years later, with a population of upwards of 16,000, the oldest family owned business in town continues to sell breakfast and lunch to the growing town. Up until her death in 2017, Helen would still come to the restaurant to greet and talk to customers a couple days a week. The hospitality carried on through her family gives the small-town feel that people love about Buda.

“Love this place for breakfast!! We live in Houston and we come in here every time we are in Austin for work. Such yummy tacos and friendly staff!” – Elizabeth 

“Absolutely LOVE this place, you feel so welcome and truly a family owned business. Amazing food, best breakfast tacos and amazing tortilla soup!!” – Leah

“I’ve been coming here for years, and it’s for a reason. Their tortillas are fluffy, fresh, and homemade. They’re perfectly imperfect, just like you would get at home. The service is always great, even when they’re packed, which is often. The staff are friendly and familiar if you’re a regular. They even have a phone number you can text to place an order! It’s never taken longer than 15 minutes.” – Charles

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