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If I Was A Cowboy – Top Shelf Review

If I Was A Cowboy

Trailblazing Singer-Songwriter Stephanie Quayle Delivers The Unbridled Spirit Of Western Country
With The Release Of Her Latest EP, If I Was A Cowboy

“There are some of those artist that not only catch your eye but catch your ear and you know immediately they are set for stardom” Sandra Greaney,  Publisher of Country Line Magazine – Austin, Texas


Untamed, hard-working and resilient are all used to describe the “big sky country” of Montana – the same can be said of its native-born, Stephanie Quayle, who is set to release her latest EP, If I Was A Cowboy, released on October 4th.


Inspired by growing up on her family’s bison farm, Stephanie dug deep into her Montana roots for her latest release. Penning three of the five tracks on the EP, she wanted to authentically channel the undeterred spirit and ambition of the American Cowboy that she grew up surrounded by – her mom being the cowboy she looked up to the most.


“I am really proud of my Western roots and I’m leaning into them more than ever before, not only with my writing but sonically as well,” says Stephanie. She continues, “Montana is all over this project and nothing could make me happier than to share that with the world.”


The title track from the EP, “If I Was A Cowboy,” which is available now on all digital streaming services, debuted as a Top 10 Most Added record at country radio. For the single’s picturesque video, Stephanie partnered with Wrangler to create a breath-taking cinematic visual accompaniment to the track that has surpassed over half a million views.



(Photo Credit: Melanie Maganias Nashan)