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It’s a Texas sized National Shootout Championship for the TOP GUN AWARD

The fastest boats in the country are coming in for this Gunfight in Clear Lake!

It’s a Texas sized National Shootout Championship for the TOP GUN AWARD

10th Anniversary Texas Outlaw Challenge
June 21 – 25, 2017

Kemah, Galveston, Seabrook, Pasadena, El Lago,
Nassau Bay, Clear Lake, North Galveston Bay, Texas

The Texas Outlaw Challenge is one of the country’s most respected and popular speed boating events and for its 10th Anniversary we are upping the ante even further. TOC 2017 will be held June 21st – 25th on Clear Lake in Seabrook, TX, and will be offering a host of improvements, upgrades and offers for its participants as it prepares for a BIGGER and BETTER event than ever before!

Among the biggest news for the TOC2017 is a change in venue for the National Shootout Championship event. After nine years of executing a safe and efficient shootout format in the open waters of Galveston Bay, organizers have been granted exclusive access to the calmer, and more protected waters of Clear Lake by the six cities representing jurisdiction on the lake (Seabrook, Kemah, Nassau Bay, League City, El Lago, Clear Lake Shores and USCG). Producer Paul Robinson acknowledges this new course approval as a catalyst for exponential growth of the Shootout. We’re expecting a massive increase in water spectating and on-shore viewing. Viewing will be available from Kemah to Endeavor Marina / Sam’s Boat to Clear Lake Park. The entire lake will be considered a no-wake zone except for the participants. “We will see a huge boost in public viewing with excellent shoreline vantage points, and on-water spectator access with a massive upswing in spectator interaction.”

“This is a ten-year milestone, and it’s pretty tremendous,” Robinson said, adding that making the course threequarters of a mile helped persuade local jurisdiction to green-light the move. The three-quarter-mile configuration appears to be moving toward industry standard, as both Grand Lake of the Cherokees (GLOC) and Lake of the Ozarks (LOTO) Shootouts will follow suit with the shorter course beginning this year. Additionally, this is the first year that boats running under 100 mph will be able to compete in a wide variety of classes.

Robinson said the move is one of several the event is making to accommodate the increasing number of “shootout specialists” such as local hero Kenny Mungle of Gone Again who was last year’s winner.

The 2016 National Champions Kenny Mungle and Michael Lee Lockwood with Gone Again, could hold on through a turbulent ride to achieve 167 MPH on radar at last year’s event. And this year they are back to hold on to their TOC TOP GUN Title! Gone Again is a 32’ Skater with twin 1650 HP Sterling Engines owned and driven by Kenny Mungle and throttled by Michael Lee Lockwood.

Even with the 2016 National Champion reaching a speed of 167 MPH, the 2015 National Champion Win Farnsworth, who posted a 201 MPH top speed in his turbine engine-powered 50-foot Mystic Powerboat catamaran named Low Altitude, still holds the Speed Record for the National Shootout. We anticipate 60 plus competitors in this year’s 2017 National Shootout.

One of our Shoot Out participants, Cass Shewbart, will once again return and defend his title with his newly purchased and repowered XXX (triple X) Disturbing the Peace a 47’ Outerlimits GX Chief twin 1550 HP.

Additionally, Robinson is extending a generous offer to those shootout contestants who registered for the Desert Storm Shootout, which was cancelled due to bad weather. “We want to show our appreciation for their efforts, so we’re going to comp them with a two-night weekend here,” he says. “We invite these racers to join us in Texas and show us some West Coast horsepower! We’ll put them up for a couple nights and welcome them to our new venue.”

“Spectators will feel the spray in their face and the rumbles as the boats power the waters of Clear Lake.”

No Wake Zone – Clear Lake will be declared NO Wake Zone on Friday June 23rd from 8 am till 1 pm or until the Texas Outlaw Challenge National Shootout is complete.

Spectator Rules on the Water for the National Shootout Championship:

  • If entering Clear Lake from the Kemah Channel, Watergate, Clear Lake Shores, or South Shore Harbor, idle through channel markers into Clear Lake and locate the spectator fleet buoys in the center of the lake in front of Endeavour Marina, anchor or raft up to the spectator fleet.
  • If entering from the north side of the lake (Hilton Hotel, Clear Lake Park boat ramp, Taylor Lake, Lakewood Yacht Club, etc., wait for a patrol boat to escort you across the race course and idle into the center of the lake and make your way (idle) to the spectator area facing Endeavour Marina.
  • Boats should be in position between 8am-9am. o Boats that arrive late will have to wait at the discretion of the Race Director to cross the course if entering from the north shore.
  • Boats entering from the south side can enter the lake at any time using the existing channel markers and idle to the spectator area.

NOTE: There are no spectator boats allowed on the north side of the lake as this is where the race track is located. The on-water spectator area is in the center of the lake facing north to view the track area.

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