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Jon Pardi “She Ain’t In It” Provokes Memories of Heartbreaks

Jon Pardi continues to bring us True Country | CLM Top Shelf

Pardi does it again! The fourth single from California Sunrise, “She Ain’t In It” puts the cherry on top a heaping treat of real Country Music! Country Line Magazine


“It’s not a single because of a really fast melody,” he explained, “or a really catchy melody that’s familiar with pop, or familiar to another genre, or a drumbeat, or a drum machine, or a whistle — whatever is in a lot of songs in modern country… And hey, I’ll admit it myself, it’s fun. I’ll dance around in your underwear. I mean, it’s cool. It’s not that song, though.”

“It’s like a sit down and think about, you know, what the song is saying, what the melody is, how it feels,” Pardi added. “And that’s the reason I recorded it.” Pardi told ABC Radio.


Thank you Jon for your commitment to keepin it Country!