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Outdoor Life Clothing for the Holidays

Gear. Guys crave good gear. Hand tools and engines, firearms, ladders, knifes and backpacks, men love gear. I would absolutely put clothing on the list of gear I love. Clothing as gear you ask? Yes, as gear.

I have climbed the tallest peaks in America, hunted all over the country, hung out in some rugged places and I can absolutely say that my outer wear was a crucial element to my comfort. In most cases you are stacking gear onto your shoulders, balancing slings and packs, siting for long periods in weather of all types. There is nothing worse than heading out on the ranch, into the field or to the top of a peak with layers that do not fit, work or even come close to performing the way they were advertised.

There is a great line of clothing I found that works as hard as I do. Outdoor Life offers everything I like. Long sleeve t’s, Henley style and thermal. They have coats, jackets and flannel. All the gear I have from them is well crafted and fits right.

Outdoor Life is easy to find at Sears stores, Sears online as well as other retailers and online shops. Their pricing is easy on the cost conscience and seasonal sales are even better.

Next time you need to replenish the wearable’s or purchase a guy gift, Outdoor Life is a great tool that every guy will appreciate. Maybe I am spoiled now but I have my favorites and they are my daily staples. As the weather cools and holidays coming, add Outdoor Life to the list.

 TJ Greaney/CLM