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Radney Foster Songwriting Revival

This one weekend could be the kickstart you are looking for!

The music business and publishing world can seem like a closed party, and the truth is, it can be. You can spend years paying your dues and trying to break into the system, and still come up dry.

That is why we created the Songwriting Revival, to share some of the lessons that Radney has learned through decades of trial and error. Having mentored many artists and friends over the years (writing and producing songs for and with Randy Rogers, Jack Ingram, Kacey Musgraves, Wade Bowen, Josh Abbott, Pat Green, Cory Morrow and many others), Radney is anxious to help other writers reach their potential. The Songwriting Revival offers a rare opportunity for intimate access, guidance and coaching from Radney and other hit songwriters, including Jon Randall (“Whiskey Lullaby,” “Am I The Only One,”) Jessi Alexander (“The Climb,” “I Drive Your Truck,”) Jay Clementi (“Touch,” “When You Love A Sinner”) and others.

The tips these writers will share would take you years to figure out on your own.
You may have been to other “writing workshops” and been disappointed. Radney is determined to create a different experience. You won’t just have to sit and listen as experts lecture. Of course, there will be presentations, but we want to involve you in the process, so that you come away inspired and with finished songs.

“I can show you the craft of how to write a song, but I want to go further than that,” says Radney. “I’m excited about this opportunity to inspire attendees to dig deep in their soul, and tell their truth.”

“The other part of the equation is the business of music – how to gain access, the necessity of DIY right now, how to get heard. I plan to share some of the secrets I’ve learned along the way.”

The Songwriting Revival will kick off with a private concert at the Sirius/XM Theater in downtown Nashville, where Radney will illustrate his story through song. Daily sessions will take place at the SAE Institute Campus, located on Music Row.

Your tuition will give you extraordinary access to industry experts and guidance from professional writers who will share with you the insights they’ve learned from years in the trenches.

If you sign up at the door, you’ll pay $1995, and it would be worth every cent.

Here’s your chance to spend a fall weekend in Nashville and:
•Gain confidence in your work
• Dive into the art of collaboration
•Discover how to get your songs heard.
•Master the basics of melody and song structure
•Take advantage of co-writing and performance opportunities
•Learn how to turn an idea into a fully formed song.
•Network and gain insight from other writers
•Learn the ins and outs of music publishing
Let 2015 be the year you invest in yourself!

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