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Seven Special Christmas Gift Ideas That Will Be Treasured For A Lifetime

Unique Special Gift Ideas To Be Treasured For A Lifetime!

Personalized Pet Products

Gift Idea #1

Personalized Pet Storybooks

Our pets should be the stars of their very own storybooks. Right? They can with Petlandia which allows pet owners to create custom likenesses of their dogs, cats and even rabbits so our furry friends can star in their own personalized storybook adventure — a custom-made, hand-illustrated, 36-page storybook.


Using this simple online tool, pet lovers can create an adorable lookalike of their pets in just a few clicks.

Fun, funny and a unique gift for kids and adults.

Any pet can now star with internet sensation Grumpy Cat.

“Grumpy Cat in Petlandia” is the newest personalized storybook and teams pets with everyone’s favorite grump in a colorful roadtrip adventure.


Any cat or dog can now take a roadtrip across Petlandia with Grumpy Cat as they co-star together in a new custom-made storybook called “[Your Pet] meets Grumpy Cat in Petlandia”

Gifts like this will be treasure for a lifetime!

Wipe-clean personalized feeding mat starring YOUR pet!


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