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Texas Native Nestor AnDress – On Our Top Shelf

Nestor AnDress new video Drunk At A Bar surprises at the end

Nestor AnDress new video Drunk At A Bar surprises at the end

Nestor AnDress


Nestor AnDress was born in Brownsville, Texas, but through his love for music and adventure, has now found a home in Nashville. He fell in love with songwriting and performing in college, and quickly discovered his talent for moving people with poetic and passionate lyrics. He writes music he writes music purposefully to be meaningful for others, just as music has meant to him. Music touches every aspect of Nestor’s energetic life – and he loves sharing that with his fans. His latest single and accompanying music video, Drunk At A Bar, speaks to Nestor’s spontaneous and charming side, and he hopes fans can see that taking a chance on love is always worth it. You can find Nestor on iTunes, Spotify, and his website,


CLM recently got to chat with Nestor and ask a few more questions…


Q: Nestor, when you headed to Nashville were you doing music only – pursuing one passion?


A: Truthfully, I never expected to make the move to Nashville. I made the commitment to pursue music in 2012 and it didn’t take much time till I met these older gentlemen performing in this dive bar while I was living in San Antonio. The band was good, almost too good. I unexpectedly got called up by an acquaintance to sing a few songs with them. Soon after, I recognize and share my excitement to have shared the stage with some of George Straits band members. They wasted no time in telling me to plow my way to those big shots in music city and introduce myself to them. I ain’t scared of much and by 2013 I made the move.


Q: How does a native Texas boy survive outside of Texas?


A:  In my mind, everywhere is Texas. I, honestly, never knew how proud of a Texan I was until I moved out of Texas. There is a sense of pride that is hard to understand for a non-Texan. For me it’s truly a country in itself. An entwined culture that is only found in Texas that I absolutely love and proud of. I survive by introducing Texas to everyone, everywhere I go.

Q: What’s up next for you Nester?

A: What’s up next…. I’m going back into the studio and working on making sure I give my fans the best of me in the “Deluxe” version of the EP I released earlier this year Falling in Love. With it, I’ll also be filming a behind the songs and making of the EP documentary.

CLM: Were keeping an eye on this one!