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The Cycle of Life | A Lesson From a Cow

Following The Way by Jeff Gore

Lesson from a cow

It was the Saturday before Christmas. School let out Friday and Christmas was a few days away but it was suddenly getting cold. As we set out early that morning to check and feed cattle, the temperature was bordering on freezing so the misty rain in the air wavered back and forth between rain and icy snow. As we put out feed for the herd of cows, the count came up short. My boss, and sort of adopted dad, knew it was an old cow he’d had for a long time. She was down and most likely dying. But there was still one missing. It was a young heifer. Bred earlier than planned she was having a calf more than a month earlier than most of the herd would begin to deliver. She was also down and having trouble. We were on our way to the livestock auction owned by my boss and a couple of other guys and so we had to go soon. We got the heifer into the pens and under a shed with food and water but she was doing better so we left. The sale was longer than expected since it was the last one before Christmas. The weather was getting worse and the time of year made the days short so dark was coming on. When we got back to the ranch, the old cow was gone. She had given many good calves to the ranch over the years and her passing was sad but we had a heifer to check on. Afraid we might have to pull a calf we dreaded what we would find. When we shined the light into the shed by the barn, much to our surprise, the young mom was standing and cleaning up the healthy little heifer calf nursing at her side. Mr. Hale used this moment to teach a young boy a valuable lesson. As King Solomon said, there is a time for everything and everything happens in its season. A time to live, a time to die, a time to plant and a time to harvest. Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

That day, I learned about the cycle of life and what a gift from God it is. The old cow had died and a new life had begun. At this season, let us remember that God sees the big picture and knows everything, but He loves us anyway. His gift to us is life, more abundantly. (John 10:10)

The season, one of many we will live through, praise God for His gift to us. Life…more abundant…through His son…Jesus! Trust Him! Trust God! Praise Him for you are fearfully and wonderfully made! Enjoy life in His abundance…the abundance of Christ!

Merry Christmas!
Jeff Gore