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How Much & Why Advertise?

Why Advertise on
Country Line Magazine’s Website?

Banner ads, also known as display ads or image ads, are image-based advertisements that are widely popular online. Why are banner ads so popular? They are a cost-effective way to allow advertisers to attractively display their products and services online across an array of websites. Additionally, banner ads allow for increased brand recognition and ad targeting especially when being used with your print advertising

Rates: (sized by pix)

125  x 70  $50

125 x 136  $95

  514 x 100  $150

Why should I add Social Media Marketing to a business Creative Camapign?

If you’re wondering if social media marketing is right for your business, the verdict is in … social media is a great way to drive repeat business and to attract new customers.

Whether you’re just getting started, consider yourself to be a pro or have been sitting on the sidelines—Country Line Magazine is here to help.

Social media is the technology that connects people—whether it’s to share content or just to chat.

Social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are the places where social interactions happen (discovering & sharing).

Social media marketing is the way to use that technology to build relationships, drive repeat business and attract new customers through friends sharing with friends.

Social media marketing is really just word-of-mouth powered by technology and essential for any business.


$50 per month when packaged with print/eMag.

$150 w/o