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Why It’s Time To Prepare Your Home For Winter Now

It's over 100 degrees - why should we be thinking winter prepping?

Why It’s Time To Prepare Your Home For Winter Now

Texas might currently be basking under extreme temperatures, but it’s important not to forget that winter is just around the corner. With the average Texan home valued at $142,7000, no homeowner wants to see their property suffer the ill-effects of the cold. Therefore, once you’ve completed your summer garden and lawn maintenance, ensure you start preparing for the months ahead.

Check your heating

During the summer it’s best to turn off your furnace to prevent it burning gas and costing you money. And, as the state has been enjoying long sunny days and temperatures of more than 100F of late, most households don’t need to utilize their furnaces in the summer. However, it’s wise to regularly put your furnace on and ensure that it’s in full working order as having to deal with a broken furnace once the cold sets in is far from fun. You should also consider scheduling in a professional maintenance service before the end of the current season, too.

Protect your home

The thought of cleaning out dirty and damp gutters during the winter is an unappealing one. Therefore, while the weather is nice and the enthusiasm is there, get the ladder out and set to work protecting your home. Gutters full or leaves, dirt and other debris will prevent them from working properly, meaning water will get trapped and then seep into your home. As a result, you’ll face damp and condensation. Therefore, to reduce the amount of debris that collects in your gutter, install gutter guards to make sure your home is as protected as possible.

General cleaning and maintenance

Drains, fireplaces and chimneys are items in and out of the home which are often forgotten about. Yet, it’s important to clean your drain to prevent flooding. Meanwhile, it’s estimated that chimney fires cause $125 million worth of damage each year. So, be sure to preserve your home heating appliances with a thorough cleaning regime. Thankfully, ethanol fireplaces are a great alternative to the traditional fireplace which allows chimney-free homes to enjoy a convenient and safe heating experience, too.

Texans are currently enjoying a long hot summer. But, don’t let that put you off preparing your home for the harsh winter that will inevitably come. Now is the time to start preparing both the interior and exterior of your home so that when the cold snap does arrive, you can rest easy knowing that everything is safe and in full working order.

Sally Writes – CLM Contributing Writer

Photo By: Arnold Exconde