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Zach Fowler – Emerging Native Texan Artist

Zach Fowler is a Central Texas native who loves to write fun tunes with an organic sound. He is a storyteller at heart- caring deeply for simple poetry as the means for packaging and communicating what happens below the surface. Zach will make you feel in places you did not know you had. His songwriting is brilliant, and voice is peaceful. It’s been said of Zach’s work “They just don’t make lyrics this beautiful anymore.” We are very excited to see where 2019 takes this emerging Americana artist!

Listen to his latest song release “Rearranging” HERE

Zach gives a ton of credit to his friend and producer Austin Morrow, front of house tour manager for The Oh Hellos, who has recorded and produced his music at Morrow’s studio in San Marcos, Texas. “Writing music is so much fun but personal, too. Austin has gone above and beyond recording and producing these songs.”

You can stream his two singles “West Egg” and “Rearranging” on all streaming platforms. Stay tuned for more stories to be told in 2019.


Photography: Corey O’Connell Photography